Mrs Margaret Langan Mr Owen Willoughby Mr Joseph Fifield Mrs Margaret Hedley Mr James Cahillane Mr Michael Woolnough Mrs Sheila Marshall Mrs Marjorie Oke Mrs Margaret Elliott Mr Peter Wells Mr Charles Marshall

Mrs Margaret Langan

Mrs Margaret Langan is my mother. My mother has been my main support system, and has been the person on the other end of the phone every time a new bit of information has arisen.

She understands my excitement.

Mr Owen Willoughby

Mr Owen Willoughby is my great uncle, on my mothers side.

He has been very helpful providing and confirming information on his Grimley and Unsworth family.

He was invited to dine with Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George W Bush during President Bush's state visit to England and Tony Blairs home in Trimdon, Co. Durham in November 2003, however, sadly he died on November 20th 2003, one day before the event.

Mr Joseph Fifield

Mr Joseph Fifield is my grandfather, on my mother's side.

He had already started doing a bit of research into his family history when I started.

Gratefully I accepted everything he had to give me on his family.

Thank you.

Mrs Margaret Hedley

Mrs Margaret Hedley found me through an advert I placed in the 'Northumberland & Durham Family History Society' journal. She did not have the answer to my question, however she had a lot more.

Margaret noticed that we had the same member in both our families - Mary Unsworth -and got in contact with me.

We are both descendant from Mary Unsworth and Margaret provided me with information on her line of the family. Now we help each other as much as we can.

Thank You.

Mr James Cahillane

Mr James Cahillane is my great uncle on my dad's side.

He lives in Co. Kerry, Ireland, and as far as I know I have never met him, however he took the time to write to me and gave me most of the information I have on the Cahillane family, so far.

Thank You!

Mr Michael Woolnough

Michael Woolnough is my eldest child. Without Michael I would not have been able to put any of this information on the World Wide Web.

He has taken the time to sit with me and listen to what I want. He designed my very first webpage some time ago, and has since taught me how to change it to my way of liking. Needless to say, it has totally changed now, and I am forever up-dating it.

He has also designed his own webpage and helped others to do theirs.

Mrs Sheila Marshall

Mrs Sheila Marshall is my grandmother on my father's side.

She has told me stories about my family on the Cahillane and Marshall sides of my family.

Although she did not remember too much, she was always willing to listen. She provided me with addresses of other members of my family, for which I am extremely grateful.

A much treasured member of my family, who very sadly died January 2000.

Mrs Marjorie Oke

Mrs Marjorie Oke is my great aunty on my father's side.

She has provided me with details on her family - the Marshall's, this has been a great help, since the death of my grandfather, her brother, in February 1998.

Thank You.

Mrs Margaret Elliott

Mrs Margaret Elliott is the cousin of my mother, and the daughter of Mr Owen Willoughby.

She provided me with information on her parents, sisters, nephews, nieces and of course, her own children.

Thank You.

Mr Peter Wells

Mr Peter Wells has his own webpage on the surname Fifield. It was through viewing this that I made the biggest discovery of my research.

Mr Wells has researched his Fifield family back to 1544. I contacted Mr Wells when my Fifield family was back to 1804, only to find that we were distantly related and that my family joined onto the end of one of his lines.

What a wonderful discovery!

Please visit his webpage it is full of information on Fifield's.

Mr Charles Marshall

Mr Charles Marshall is my grandfather on my father's side.

Before his death in February 1998, he gave me all the information he could on his family, to give me a kick in the right direction.

I'll carry on researching his line for as long as is possible, in memory of him - a dear grandad.